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Meat Balloon Archives

Meat Balloon Archives is a record label and internet archive which serves to collect artifacts of the independent DIY arts community of Staten Island.


Sun Stain EP
by See You Next Today

I'm Just a Kid and Life is a Nightmare

by radishes

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NYSAI Press publishes Staten Island based literary journals featuring artists and writers with distinct voices from all over the world. 

Jenna Snyder founded NYSAI Press in December 2013 and, as the Editor-in-Chief, handles most of the printing, production, and distribution duties.

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Sludgemisers is the noise collaboration of percussionist Nick Guttilla and guitarist Jenno Snyder. Their semi-improvisational compositions translate raw emotion into baths of noise and cascading eerie soundscapes, feeding off each other's energy. They layer electronic and acoustic rhythms that derive their power from the unmistakable primal pulse of the modern human condition.

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