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Jenno Snyder is a Staten Island-based queer experimental composer, multi-instrumentalist, and intermedia artist. Their latest projects include a 10 foot tall vagina sculpture made of flowers called The Rebirth Canal, a playable keyboard synthesizer made from strap-ons called The Organ Grindr, and a 5-piece vibrator called Five Guys. They wrote and produced two experimental rock albums, Cherry Gross (Meat Balloon Archives, 2020) and Too North (Worry Records, 2018). Their new album, The No Album is coming out Fall 2024.

Formerly under the name God II, they released three EPs: Crazz (2017), Infinite Feedback Lute (Lost Notes Media, 2017), and Death After Life (Captain Crook Records, 2016). Currently, they're in a noise duo, Sludgemisers, with percussionist Nick Guttilla. They are the founder and editor of the Staten Island based literary press, NYSAI Press, and co-producer of Queer Van Kult: an experimental performance, installation, and music event showcasing queer artistry in Staten Island, NY. They hold a BA in Physics and Philosophy from New York University.