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Cherry Gross Album Review
by Divide and Conquer

"Jenno’s Cherry Gross is equally an indie rock album and a soundtrack to a film that lives only in listeners’ heads. The project is unambiguous in feeling. It’s visceral, poignant, unsettling and despite its sometimes cryptic lyrics, wholly relatable. So far, Cherry Gross is one of the best indie albums of 2020."

For Cherry Gross

Favorite "Name Your Price" Releases of 2018
by Various Small Flames

For Too North

Too North Album Review
by Rebecca Rothschild, Divide and Conquer

"I have more than a little crush on this entire album and the artist. WHAT IS THIS?! WHERE DO I BEGIN?! Lemme put it like this, this album is not for everyone. Some will say it's grating, a mess or just not their cup of tea. However, the people that this album is for, I feel will find it as cathartic and endearing as I did. The truth is this album may be for no one, but I am desperate to find others that love it."

Too North Album Review
by Liam Doyle, Various Small Flames

"['Take Care'] isn’t simple dreamy bedroom pop, there’s so much going on, drawing on the aforementioned diversity of instruments to create something that sounds at once introspective, angry and triumphant, the chorus spiking with the embittered lines."​


"‘Visitor’s Hour’ follows strange and hushed, built on stark guitar and the increasing jangle of pots and pans, growing like paranoid thoughts in the synapses of your brain."

"‘Blue Light’ is a slice of swirling instrumental drone pop, a song so rich and textured it feels like it’s own microclimate."

Too North Album Review
by Stanky Hamster

"What's better than theremin,  trumpets, and sheer emotion?


Yeti, Shadowhead (2014) Album Review
by Matt Jensen, Divide and Conquer

"To put it simply Jenna Snyder is a force to be reckoned with. She is one helluva bassist."

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