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 Sands Street 2015__New #gigaherbs album out now!
 Blurple Mansion 2015
John Foxell reading at Antiverse Release Party, Summer 2016_#johnfoxell
1st Generation at Antiverse release party #nysaipress
Reading over this guy's poetry manuscript. Can't believe it's been 6 months already. So proud of you
 Sands St 2015
he sees you when you're sleeping
One of the first pictures I ever took... my face is in John's eye
 Sands Street 2015
it gets better #xmass
dog only knows
 Jan 2017
 April 2017_#landart #dougschwartz #blairwitch
Tottenville, 2016
Tottenville, 2016
visiting _gigaherb 's subconscious #doritos #landart
the sacred and the profane
Antiverse release party at Kitty Toupée, 2016_#nysaipress
Ray and dad by _zoehayyy8 _#deeptanks in its prime
 Blurple Mansion 2015
 Periscope Release Party, 2016
 Nov 2016
 Jan 2017
 Oct 7, 2012
From the archives #wwjd

These photos serve as artifacts of the independent DIY arts community of Staten Island. I started taking photos of my peers in 2015 because I was interested in documenting a behind-the-scenes look at the extraordinary creativity of the Staten Island DIY scene. I was especially interested in documenting the writing process, which occurs in sacred spaces, generally apart from the public eye.

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